About Kobienz&Sons Piano

Originated in Germany in 1836 and Kobienz&Sons Piano stringent process casts the extraordinary quality, noble tasting, honorable choice! Until today Koblenz & Sons technology level, enjoying a high reputation, strict processing technology and advanced CNC equipment, create each Koblenz & Sons of the piano timbre and touch key aesthetic feeling, soft play incisively and vividly, but also for Koblenz & Sons of the combination of product features and design and sound feel nobleness, playing let the listener when intoxicated, more let the piano enthusiasts and famous pianists fondle admiringly, also be recommended with several famous concert hall. As the test of time, process technology, the innovation of the reformation of the precipitation, Koblenz & Sons maintained a super strong stability, both in design and musicality have contemporary feeling more, every appearance won him praise on piano enthusiasts and famous pianist, and surprise, we still don't forget the beginner's mind, keep improving, in strict accordance with the European quality system standard research and development production, advanced intelligent smart nc equipment combined with long experience of manual technology, made each Koblenz & Sons piano perfect handle and full of vitality of tone!


典雅简洁的欧式外观设计、加入顶盖半翻的元素理念配合直腿琴脚融入,线条流畅,立体感十足、简约中透露时尚美感。 精选不等厚实木琴键,原产FFW榔头

k1 K系列


创新面板设计无接缝、整块一体抗损、独特的弯腿设计、搭配德国纯正ABEL榔头、使得音色更 加柔和透彻 ,共鸣 更 加和谐浑厚,乌木黑键防裂白键,触感

B1 B系列


科布伦茨智能静音钢琴S1、正常钢琴弹奏、静音系统切换 、是在传统钢琴上采用久远的技艺搭载智能静音系统,在不破坏原有钢琴的结构、手感和音色的基

S1 S系列



C158 C系列